March 31, 2005

Economy focus for election battle

Labour was always going to try and focus on the economy, they don't have much else to cheer about, but amoungst their record there is one blemish official figures show household incomes fell for the first time in 15 years, former cabinet minister Mr Milburn claims that this was because "self-employed people had been affected by the world downturn which had hit their profits" small problem Mr Milburn that was a lie there has been no "world downturn" last year with all the major economic areas, except the Eurozone, growing strongly. The last "world downturn" was in 2001 and household incomes grew happily through it. As the real "world downturn" of 2001 did not have a major effect on household incomes, and the British and world economies are currently growing well there must be another cause for the sudden change in household income. What else is happening that could account for it? Could it possibly be the tax rises that have been happening recently, and will only increase should Labour get re-elected, such as the massive rises in council tax?


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